Three Fun & Important Things About Weddings

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– The wedding season is here and love is in the air! Weddings are a fun time to get together with family, friends and to brag about your romance with your significant other. The aspects of this day are very important, every detail you put into it will all come together to create the wedding of your dreams. When preparing for your wedding day there are three very important factors to consider and you will have a blast putting it all together.

Wedding Styles: The Four Most Popular Types.
The number one most important thing in planning is deciding the type of wedding you want to have. There are endless styles that your dedicated wedding photographer yucatan can create and themes to choose from and no matter what you pick, there is always free reign to customize the style to your liking. There are so many different styles to choose from but the top four most popular styles we are going to discuss are: Traditional, Elegant, Rustic, and Beach.

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1. Traditional: Traditional weddings are generally the ones you picture in your mind when you hear about someone getting married. Usually, they consist of getting married in a church and having a very small, intimate ceremony, but the size of church buildings can vary. Traditional ceremonies are usually very simple, but also very beautiful and having your venue at a church makes for an already beautiful venue that does not take much decorating to add to the ambiance because the architecture and decorations the church already has set up are already gorgeous. This is also a very affordable option because most churches will let you have the ceremony there for free or at least very cheap.

2. Elegant: An Elegant style wedding usually consists of very formal attire and a lot of elaborate decorations to create a very refined atmosphere. The goal of this type of style is to make people feel like they are attending a very graceful event and capture the beauty and purpose of what a wedding is really all about.

3.Rustic: Rustic and Vintage style wedding kind of go hand in hand. A rustic ceremony is perfect for those who are very down to earth or want more of a country feel. The great part about rustic weddings is they can be mostly “do it yourself” type decorations which are a great way to make your wedding look amazing while on a budget and also get your bridesmaids or other family members involved in help setting up the wedding.

4. Beach: Beach weddings are perfect for the summer and have a very laid back feel. Those who love the ocean and want a venue with its own natural beauty the beach is perfect and very relaxed. These weddings are usually more casual and can be a beautiful venue for beach locals or even destination weddings.